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Flash Mob @ Broadway Plaza's Parade of Lights in Walnut Creek

If you missed it, here it is.  MINI of Concord’s Flash Mob at the Parade of Lights.

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1 of 1,000 in the World!

MINI is such an awesome world to live in!  I am sure you agree.  Often when things are so rockin’ we don’t like too much change… however,  along the same line there is a strange tipping point, where that place of change can become beautiful perfection.  I urge you all to come down to MINI of Concord and see the delectable MINI […]

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Our Newest Addition to our Rockin' Service Department

We have a new band member that has joined us for the Rock Star life that we live down here at MINI of Concord.   His name is…………..drum roll please……….. Kevin Hong! And I am so proud to present him to you all.  We all know that our MINI culture is born within us and our MINI is what truly what unleashes it to […]

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Baby It's Cold Outside!!

We are starting into that Wet motoring season again.  We want you to be prepared for the slick roads ahead or any situation you may find yourself in. I am going to do a brief run down on a few features, sounds and icons you may come across. One of the common questions that seems to come up is, ‘ […]

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Embrace the NOT NORMAL!

MOTOR TOBER has officially arrived!  MINI of Concord is proud to present; the NOT NORMAL Sales Event, on October 14th, 2012 from 11am until 5pm.  Please click HERE to pre-register!  We are planning a STELLAR Sales event like none before!  Come ready to drive and thrive in the atmosphere of pure fun and four wheeled bliss!  Don’t expect old popcorn and hot dogs…   No […]

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Off the Grid Tastebud Adventure

What is there to do on a Friday night?  Well, OFF the GRID throws a smashing party for ALL of your senses!   A few of us from MINI of Concord motored out to converse with some vendors for our up coming event of Motor Tober (Oct.14th 11-5; Our RSVP page will be avaible on our website Oct. 2nd).  We were […]

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Bliss Filled Saturday

MINI of Concord is a hopping place!  Today, I sat and observed the hustle and bustle of a Saturday at MINI of Concord.  There were so many fun people that came in today.  I watched the Salesman explain the cool idiosyncrasies of the new models to our to-be Motorers’.  A flicker of excitement, brilliant in their eyes with each flip […]

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MINI of Concord Sponsors 17th Annual Lafayette Art and Wine Festival

Save The Date!!!!!!! One of the biggest outdoors festivals in Contra Costa County is quickly approaching us!  The 17th Annual Lafayette Art & Wine Festival, September 15th and 16th in the heart of Lafayette! Come stroll among stalls of art, handmade crafts, sample foods from top local restaurants, and enjoy quality wines and microbrews.  BMW Concord and MINI of Concord have been the […]

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MINI of Concord Sponsers Oakland Pride

SAVE THE DATE!!! Sunday September 2nd, 2012. Oakland Pride presents their LGBTQ Celebration! MINI of Concord is a first time sponsor for the event and we are exstatic! Oakland Pride’s Mission is to celebrate the cultures and Diversity of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community in Oakland and the East bay. They are dedicated to education the greater community, promoting […]

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Meet Nigel & Linda, Fellow MINI of Concord Motorers….

MINI of Concord introduces….. Nigel, Linda and their Classic 1969 MINI Cooper! Nigel and Linda attended our 4th Annual Aloha Rally. I had asked them if I could write a quick story on their MINI! They are parents to a beautiful, one of a kind, Classic MINI… and are truly MINI hearted folks…gratefully so, they allowed me to tell you their […]

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