MINI of Concord Community — March 22, 2012 at 4:49 pm

On the Fourth Day of Geocache.. MINI of Concord Brought to Me…..


Geocache #4 is……………….. The Black Diamond Mines. If you didn’t see the first blog on our Geocache be sure to read it now so you are up to speed! You can also review Geocache #1 , Geocache #2 and Geocache #3.

The location is in Black Diamond Mines.  The coordinates are as follows:

N 37 57 38

W 121 45 8

How to find the location with the coordinates on your smart phone:

You will first need to convert the coordinates to a decimal format. You can do this here. Enter in the coordinates just as you see them typed above. They will then calculate the decimal form of the coordinates. Punch those coordinates into the maps app of your smart phone. Be sure to put the +/- sign as those are necessary to find the accurate location. We have provided you with the general area (Black Diamond Mines) so you can know if you are one the right track once you see the results form your maps app directions.

Once your there look around! You can see in the photo above the matching latitude and longitude coordinates of the item,  as well as which direction to face  and where you will need to stand to find it. If you have a compass app, you can use it to find your location and walk around the general area until it’s a match.

Once you find the item, take a picture of yourself, the geocache and your MINI (if you can include it) and mobile upload it to our MINI of Concord Facebook page. Be sure to follow the directions in the geocache. We ask that you obey all laws, be safe and HAVE FUN!

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